Problem Solve – Episode #143

I use to be that guy that would always shoot down an idea if I “personally” didn’t like it.  But, I’d never have an alternative idea.  I learned to realize that people don’t like working with “that” guy.  Don’t just shoot down an idea without having a suggestion to replace it.  People will pay more attention to what you have to say when you contribute something other than negative feedback.  Even if you don’t have an immediate solution ask the correction questions to steer things in a better direction.  Questions like…

Are we headed in the right direction?

Is there a better way to reach our goal?

If we absolutely had to remove one more piece from this puzzle, what would it be?

Are you married to this idea?

Can we sleep on it?

Always bring something to the table.  Are you “that” person?  Do you know people like that?  How do you deal with situations like this?


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