King Memorial – Episode #140


If you haven’t been to the National Mall since October 2011 you haven’t had the opportunity to see the King memorial.  The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial officially opened on Oct. 16, 2011.  It is the first African American monument to be placed on or near the National Mall.  The actual address is 1964 Independence Ave. SW, Washington D.C.  The address commemorates the year that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 became law.  Dr. King is the 4th non-President to be memorialized in this way.  The first ever African American monument was constructed for Mary McLleod Bethune and the other 3 non-Presidents to have monument in the National Mall are George Mason, John Ericsson, and John Paul Jones.

The National Mall is full of history and honor.  The Martin Luther King Memorial only adds to the beauty that was already on display.  If you haven’t seen it for yourself, I suggest you make the trip.

The monument was sculpted by Lei Yixin.

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