Friendly Gesture – Episode #138

He/She would love this!

This has her/his name written all over it!

They would be PERFECT for him/her!

Ever said those words?  Ever been the recipient of one of those gifts?  Well I was and I can tell you that this particular “friendly gesture” made my week!  My close friends (and members of Team Be Better) Malia (@Myriad_Malia) and Jake (@ETCTechnology) gave me a book of quotations entitled Live Good.  Malia purchased it simple because she saw it and thought of me.  It’s doesn’t get much better than that.  Friendly gestures can always brighten someone’s day.

Become Better Lesson:

1.  When you see something that reminds you of a close friend, get it.  Life is short.  I’m not saying you should break the back, but if you see something that’s reasonable and considerate, you should go for it.


Live Good!  See more about Compendium, Inc. here @ Live Inspired.



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