Cause Pause – Episode #137

I was in Winston-Salem, NC for my friend’s wedding (Ashley and Matt Inman) and I had a little time to kill. I had gotten some food and I needed a dress shirt for the wedding, but didn’t know where to go. I see a young lady, Katie, dressed as the Statue of Liberty standing in the blazing heat. In the video I said she was standing in front of an AutoZone, but it was actually a Verizon store (go figure). So I’m guessing she’s promoting the Liberty Tax business around the corner, but as I draw closer I see she’s fundraising for Relay for Life. She was stand by and old beat up truck, covered in Relay for Life plastic. If you made a donation you could beat up the truck with a sledge hammer or baseball bat. I couldn’t resist a win-win situation like this, release some pinned up frustration and donate towards an amazing cause. As I’m signing the waiver to pummel this truck another gentleman stops by and wants to get in on the action! He goes first, then I take a swing at it. We both look pretty spent in the video…lol. But, I’m not complaining because it was for a great cause.


Become Better lessons:

  1. When you have time it’s always good to pause for a cause.
  2. Always keep your eyes open for an opportunity to make a difference.
  3. Always take an opportunity to get out some frustration on something other than another human being. SN: It might save you from having to sleep on the couch.


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