Visit Waco – Episode #129


Be honest! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words Waco, TX? Most people that I know think of David Koresh and the Branch Davidian standoff. That was almost 20 years ago and it’s dark cloud still hovers this great city. I had the opportunity to visit Waco and experience it for myself. Waco is a great place, but isn’t there something good to say about every place? No matter where you go there is ALWAYS something to do and something new to see, you just have to be open to try it.

With a ton of curiosity and a little encouragement from my friend Steve (Hundred Goals) ventured out to the Branch Davidian site. For me to move forward with my positive perception of Waco, I needed to put that behind me. It actually turned out to be one of the highlights of my trip. Also, while there we toured the campus of Baylor University, visited the Dr. Pepper Museum, and had a chance to taste some true Texas BBQ at Rudy’s. With all I saw and did, I still left a couple of stones unturned – The Cameron Park Zoo and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame (All I’m saying is Chuck Norris better be in it!).

While researching my trip I discovered the following people have connections with Waco:
Hi-Five (R&B singing group) is from Waco.
Ted Nugent (Guitarist) is from Waco.
Ashlee & Jessica Simpson (Pop stars) were both born and raised in Waco.
David Crowder Band (Christian worship band) is from Waco.
Michael Johnson (Olympic Gold Medalist) attended Baylor University.
LaDainian Tomlinson (Pro Football player) grew up in Waco.
Jennifer Love Hewitt (Actress) was born in Waco.
Steve Martin (Comedian) was born in Waco.

A person can receive compliments all week and one negative comment can turn that good week into the worst week of their life. It all depends on what we choose to focus on. That’s how about feel about Waco. Many of us are holding on to this tragic event from 1993. I hope my visit help your perception as much as it helped mine.

Know better. Do better. Become better.

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