Road Trips – Episode #127

Road trips can be quite an adventure.  There’s no way to make it foolproof with all the possible things that could go wrong, but that the beauty of an adventurous road trip.  There are some things that you can do to make your journey a little more safe and save a little money along the way.In the video you see some of the footage of our trip from Cary, NC to Waco, TX.  It was a 20 hour road trip that we mapped out over the course of 2 days.  We spent the night in Tuscaloosa, AL.  We got a good nights rest and hit the road for Waco bright and early.

Here are some things that helped.

1.  Checking the weather.

It good to know what type of driving conditions are headed your way.  That way if you’re on a time crunch you’ll know if you’ll need to leave a little earlier due to inclement weather.

2.  Be well rested.

In 2008 there were over 24,000 deaths due to sleep deprivation related accidents.  Coffee and energy drinks are okay, but nothing beats a good nights rest.

3.  Map out your route.

I know we all agree that it’s good to know where you’re going.  AAA will highlight maps and directions for you or you can always use a GPS or a mobile app that provides directions.

4.  Check gas prices.

Gas buddy ( can help you locate the cheapest gas prices within your route.  It’s always good to save a little money on gas.

5.  Pack snacks.

Speaking of saving money, in convenience stores you pay the price for the convenience.  Packing your own snacks ahead of time will save you money and it will allow you plan for healthy snacks.

6.  Listen to audiobooks (not a necessity, but helpful).

If you’re a multitasking maniac like me then this would be something you’ll love.  Have you had a book you’ve wanted to read on your list for month, but haven’t had time to read it.  Listen to it.

Hope this helps you become better.  Safe travels.


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