Gift Wrapping – Episode #124

During Black Friday, I had the opportunity to wrap gifts for a charity that I love (The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society). Here are 10 reasons why wrapping gifts at Barnes and Noble for charity is AWESOME.

1. All the tips and donations go straight to the organization.
2. When it’s not many people it’s a great time to catch up with friends that are helping.
3. When if you’re there working you’re not spending any money.
4. If it’s during the holidays people are pretty generous.
5. It’s a place of higher learning 🙂
6. Coffee is usually in reaching distance.
7. The gifts are usually too difficult to wrap.
8. While wrapping gifts you get some great book recommendations.
9. The people who work there are VERY laid back.
10. You’re not just asking for money you’re HELPING people.

See more about this cause I love @ Team Echols

Thanks to all who donated, helped out, or just stopped by to say hello (Veronica Soles and daughters).

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