Courtesy Flush – Episode #121

There are some unsaid rules when it comes to public rest rooms.  No peeking over or under stalls, wait patiently for your turn, and if you’re doing #2 you need hit a courtesy flush after each round.

When you’re in the comfort of your own home and you have the option of another full or half bath, you can stink up your quarters and not care.  But when dealing with a public area you need to take other into consideration.  For example, if there is someone else in the restroom with you, you need to flush after you’ve finished a round.

An old school trick would be to light a match (It has to be a match.  A lighter won’t work.  It has something to do with the sulfur).  It kills the scent.  But that trick can be a little risky in many modern public areas due to smoking and fire regulations.

It’s just common courtesy.  Thanks Elle Swim for giving me the “2 Words” for this post.  That’s why you’re still my BTF!  Hope all is well.

“When you know better, you do better.”  -Maya Angelou

P.S.  Make sure to hit the soap and water on your way out the door.

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