Finding Nemo – Episode #115

Swimming with dolphins has been a bucket list item of mine for about 2 years. It seems like everywhere I turned, I noticed pictures of people swimming with dolphins. I felt like I was missing out.In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico I found Nemo. Nemo is a 7 year old Pacific Bottlenose dolphin. He was the second male in command at Dolphin Adventure. I can’t lie… I was a little nervous to jump in the pool with with this killer creature, but he was hardlly a killer. Sarah and I got to feed him, pet him, catch a ride on his fins, and splash water back and forth. It was a very cool experience.

Recently, Nemo won 3 awards at an international mammal competition. That’s almost unheard of. He can execute up to 10 commands at once. Dolphins can’t talk, but the instructor showed us a couple of commands and we got a chance to communicate with him.

So how exactly does swimming with dolphins make you better? Since I swam with Nemo, I’ve definitely been more in tune to issue that concern dolphins (example: getting catch in fishing nets). There’s also a new dolphin movie out that I’m DYING to see (Dolphin Tale). And it’s all because of my exposure and experience. Life is about culture and gaining experiences that make you grow and learn. This took me out of my comfort zone and I’ll never forget it.

Anyone swam with dolphins and lived to talk about it? 🙂


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