Crossing Bridges – Episode #113

Don’t cross the bridge until you get to it.There was once a man in a village who owned 40 acres of land and herd of cattle. If he owned 40 acres, why would he live in a village? I don’t know, that’s just how the story goes. He was comfortable there. He had 3 middle aged children, that were off on their own and doing very well. One was a carpenter, another was a welder, and the third was a international supermodel. One day the carpenter called the supermodel and they were discussing their father’s beautiful acres of land. The carpenter said, “I would love to build beautiful homes on dad’s land and sell them for a nice profit.” The supermodel replied, “I would love to build my own home on dad’s land. Nothing would make me happier than to gaze out of the window and see the cattle roaming in my yard.” The welder wanted nothing more than to use the cattle to start a restaurant. He wanted out of the welding business as soon as possible. It seems as though they each had different aspirations for their father’s possessions.

The children would call each other from time to time and share their passion for the land and cattle.  One day, sharing their visions for the land turned to discord. They couldn’t agree on how they would divide things up when their father passed away. It got SO bad, they stopped speaking to each other for years. Ages passed, the 3 children died, and there was never an apology said between them…

The father mourned the death of his 3 children. It was a tragedy to bury them. Eventually, he died of old age and blessed his nephew with the land and cattle. The person who received the blessing was the one who didn’t see it coming. The children argued and stopped speaking over something that would never come to fruition.

Cross that bridge when you get to it…

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