Introduce Yourself – Episode #111

Starting over- in a new class, on a new job, in a new church, in a new neighborhood or apartment building- requires you to introduce yourself to new people. It’s always been difficult for me when the teacher says “introduce yourself to the class and tell us a little about yourself.” I would like to crawl under the seat and say let me know when it is over. Being singled out, having all eyes directed towards you, is like being in the hot seat. I have had a lot of new beginnings in the last 2 years so it is getting easier. In fact, when the teacher said “introduce yourself” in my last class I just went for it, evening feeling a little reluctant I pulled it off. I even found myself coaching a friend of mine on how to do it successfully. I realized that I had knowledge in an area where she was weak. It was at that point that a bell went off in my head that I was stressing over an easy task. It is true then, we are our own worst enemy. Go out, introduce yourself to the class, talk to those co-workers, greet the Pastor and members meet the new neighbors, but do it with a smile and you will be met with the same. I find that getting over the fact that I have to talk about me sometimes is not bad, as long as I don’t brag and exaggerate. The worst that can happen is that you would have made friends with people that you will be too busy to fit into your life. 

“Hi my name is Kenneth. I work full time and I am working towards an Associate’s Degree in IT and I plan to get a BA from some lucky school that will have me. “

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