Go Skydiving – Episode #110

Bucket List Item #003  Go Skydiving (check)I’ve flown many times, but jumping from the opened door of an airborne plane is completely different.  You haven’t flown until you’ve skydived.  For me the experience was symbolic for all the barriers and hurdles in my life.  There comes a time when you must simply let go of your fears and apprehensions.  Jumping helped me let go.  I feel like I can accomplish anything.

Shout out to Sin City Skydiving in Las Vegas, NV.  The price was great and the people were outstanding.  I jumped with Jac and my boy Charles joined me for the jump.  Please check out my awesome experience in the video above.

This video is about more than skydiving.  It’s about saying you’re going to do something, setting your mind to do it, and completing it.  Be bold.  Let go.  Go strong.  Finish it.  Become Better.

Any fellow skydivers out there?


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