Common Courtesy – Episode #105

Just think of how much the better the world would be if we all showed a little common courtesy.I use to be a Stockman (a.k.a. Cart Pusher) for Wal-Mart.  As Stockman, one of my responsibilities was to make sure the store was always filled with carts.  I would transfer the carts from the corrals to the store entrances.  It made my job so much easier when people would return their cart to the store entrance or the corrals.  I know it’s not their job, but it’s the least they could since they USED it for free and it was conveniently waiting for them at the store entrance.  Maybe that’s why airports charge to use their carts?!?!

Are we that much in a rush?  Has society become that busy?  Are we that self-righteous and inconsiderate?  You may have never been a cart pusher so you can’t truly empathise.  But surely you can show a little sympathy to the backbreaking labor it takes to heave 35 carts into a building in 98 degree weather.

Here’s how you can help:
1.  Simply return your cart to the corral.  If everyone did this, the problem would be solved.
2.  Grab a stray cart on your way in the store.
3.  Move a couple of carts into the corral along with yours.

Just think of how much better the world would be if we all showed a little common courtesy.

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