Chasing Shadows – Episode #103

Life has many distractions. These distractions come in many different shapes and sizes. Some come in the form of shadows. A shadow is defined as a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light. To me the most interesting piece about the definition is the interception of light. Many times we spend our days chasing things that steal our light. Things that steal our joy. Things that steal our happiness. Things that distance us from God. Things that ruin our relationships. Shadows.In the video you saw Rudy springs at the chance to chase the shadow of a butterfly. How many times have you found yourself running aimlessly after a whim? Following a shadow that can never be caught. Sometimes we find ourselves killing time knowing that you’re not moving in the right direction.

Be careful of chasing shadows.  Use your time here on earth wisely.

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