Bob Evans – Episode #108

I LOVE Bob Evans restaurants! When visiting our friends (Eric and Jessica Jones) in Manassas, we always try and catch breakfast at Bob Evans on our way out. I was recently driving through Rio Grande, OH and saw THE BOB EVANS FARM where it all started! I decided to add a farm visit to my bucket list and complete it all in the same weekend.We toured the farmland and got a chance to have breakfast on the farm. The experience was truly a spontaneous treat. Special thank you to Mama Park for stopping and allowing me to fulfill this bucket list item. I wouldn’t have shared the experience with anyone else.The story of Bob Evans is such an interesting one. This turned out to be such an inspirational trip. Bob Evans, began making sausage on his southeastern Ohio farm to serve a small diner he owned in nearby Gallipolis in 1948. The sausage was a hit with visiting truck drivers. They would stop to eat and buy POUNDS of it to take home. This encouraged Bob to go into the sausage business. In 1953, a group of friends and family recognized the growing demand for Bob’s sausage and became business partners by establishing Bob Evans Farms. SN: Family can make or break a business.

The sausage business grew so much that he began inviting people to the farm. There were so many people coming to the farm that they finally built there first restaurant, in 1962, just to take care of them. It started with 12 stools and today it can seat 134.

The farm has evolved into a tourist attraction with camping and hiking and events throughout the year. The largest event is our Bob Evans Farm Festival, being held the second full weekend, Friday through Sunday, in October. Bob Evans Farm grew it’s family tree by adding Owens Foods, then Owens Country Sausage, based Texas and Mimi’s Café, based in California.

From 12 stools in a diner to 144 locations across the United States. That’s inspiration. With a good work ethic, great business sense, and a vision, Bob Evans inspires us to become better.

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