Speed Limit – Episode #096

As frustrated as we become when officers write us speeding tickets, the bottom line is that we were going too fast. Mistakes do happen and they occasionally let us slide, but usually we are in the wrong. The speed limit is set for a reason. At times they are slightly to strict (Virginia use to be the WORST), but the signs are very helpful if you’re paying attention.We should drive slowly through residential areas because it’s a populated. And we need to slow down on steep hills/curvy roads, because high speeds could be dangerous. On the German Autobahn there are areas that have no limit, but speed limits do apply at dangerous points.

There are times in our lives when caution is warranted. As BADLY as we want to speed, we can’t afford to crash. There will be times when the limit is 70 and you can go 73 if you like, but there are times when we pass through school zones and we need to go 15 mph.

On this highway of life, pay attention to curves, keep your eyes on the road, and monitor your speed.

SN: If you’re drinking make sure to get a designated driver 😉

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