Showing Character – Episode #091

Late one evening, about a year ago, I was coming home from a long and tiring day of work. I decided I needed a break that day and I was in burger mood (not the healthiest choice, but I was feeling it). I pulled into the McDonald’s drive thru and ordered a McDouble with no onions and extra pickle. A McDouble is basically a double cheeseburger, minus one of the slices of cheese. I always special order fast food so they HAVE no choice but to make it fresh. We made the exchange, I slowly pulled off and something told me to check the burger before pulling off the premises.  Just to give you a little background, I get VERY irritable when I don’t eat and I hadn’t eaten ALL day! I checked the burger and not only did it have NO pickles, but it had triple the amount of onions than usual! I’m FURIOUS! I ask for one simple burger from a person who MAKES burgers for a living and they get it wrong. I zoomed into a parking space, snatched the bag from the passengers seat and stormed towards the front door. On my way into the McDonald’s I began yelling all kinds of unprofessional things such as %$$@#$@>#$#$#$&*<$@#$)%!!! This was my weak attempt at getting it out of my system before reading the riot act on the manager. Before entering, I reached for the door handle and glance to my right.  There was a child sitting outside enjoying his happy meal. Well, he was enjoying his happy meal until this DISENCHANTED man stormed from his car, stomping and cursing to himself. The poor child looked terrified! I felt like an idiot.You NEVER know who’s watching. And if you carry yourself in the best possible manner when no one’s around you’ll be able to handle it public. That’s true character.

Everyone tried to define this thing called Character. It’s not hard. Character is doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.” -J. C. Watts

I could have easily named this post 2 Words: Watch Yourself. That one will come in the near future.

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