Jump Start – Episode #098

So, I got a call from my fiance today saying her car wouldn’t start. Fortunately, she was not too far. I zoom over to meet her and it sounds like her battery is low. The radio was playing and the car was making noises, but it wouldn’t crank. Now, I don’t know cars very well, but I know a dead battery (that’s the one thing I CAN fix). I whip out my jumper cables that I got from Wal-Mart like 10 years ago and connected them. One of the best investments I ever made.  Cranked my car first and then did hers. Problem solved.  She just needed a little boost.I thought to myself, “What a wonderful 2 Words.” Haven’t we all experienced a time in our lives that we could use a jump start? Our batteries are low and we need someone to connect with us to give us a boost. Return the favor by being that boost for someone. Make sure you’re always carrying your cables of encouragement and energy with you. You never know when someone may need a boost or when you’ll need it.

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