Be Clean – Episode #097

Aunt Donna (my fiance’s Aunt) forwarded me a link to Back to the Bible after hearing one of their July messages. The broadcast is hosted by Woodrow Kroll and Tami Weissert. I was thrilled that she thought of my blog when hearing the message “Be Clean”. This 2 Words things is really catching I checked out the site and it’s a VERY helpful guide to understanding the Bible and understanding God’s instructions.In their message “Be Clean” they posed the question, “Why is it important to be clean?” They went on to say that the prerequisite for service is cleanliness. We need to be careful what we see/watch. What you see influences your thoughts. Your thoughts guide your actions. Violence and sex in the media is leading our world down a patch of destruction. Even when we try, it’s very difficult to motor what pops up on your email, television, or phone. Public television is now almost as uncensored as most cable stations. My parents would not allow me to watch “R” rated movies growing up. Actually, we didn’t even have cable. They felt that those movies possessed things that I shouldn’t see (at a young age). They did not want me to be influenced negatively. There’s no way to shelter ourselves 100%, but we need to make a conscious effort to stay away from things that will negatively influence us. Be clean in your thoughts for they lead your actions.

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