Writing Poetry

Poems can be whatever you design.

They can be long, short, skinny, or fat
People assume they MUST rhyme.
But they don’t have to
Because it comes from you.
A great way to express your feels and boredom.
Shake your thoughts from your head and sort ’em.
You can express your feelings of anger or bliss.
Some talk about coffee aroma, others type of their first car or kiss.
You can use it to remember good laughs with friends
Or write about the love you think you’re in.
You can use it to motivate yourself and others.
It’s the perfect low budget gift for mothers.
(They tend to love stuff like that)
I once wrote a poem about love and it began with…
“If love were spelled backwards it would start with an ‘e’
but it still would be what you mean to me.”
I was just fooling around
and it turned out to be quite profound.
My friend Chad wrote a poem once about being a pillow and sheets
Learning her every nightly quirk and supporting her dreams while she sleeps.
I thought that was pretty cool
But what about her midnight drool?
I suppose if you love her, you don’t mind
Love is kind.That’s the ingredients of poetry, dreams, life, and love

Only you decide what their made of.
Poetry can be a therapeutic release.
Try it sometime and I bet you’ll find
that the things in your mind are one of a kind.
Poems can be whatever you design.

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