Trying Yoga – Episode #090


I was sitting in Starbucks enjoying an evening of coffee and twitter when I noticed a yoga add on the bulletin board. It was an add for YogaYOU, which is a traveling yoga class provided by Emily Bass. The offer was for a yoga session in the park right behind my home. I’m always looking for activities to engage myself and I’ve been wanting to try yoga for months. Not only was the class in walking distance, but the $10 donation to participate went towards the the local Boy’s and Girl’s Club. This was another one of those Win-Win situations I talked about in Episode #022.

The word yoga means “union” in the ancient Indian language where it originated. Think of it as a union between mind, body, and spirit. Different types of yoga focus on different things but basically it helps with fitness and core strength.

Being new to this, I didn’t know where to begin! So I sent a tweet to@YogaYOU1 and asked what I needed to bring.

I needed:

a yoga mat
a towel
a bottle of water
bug spray (since we were outdoors)

I asked for feedback from the Bbetter Community and here’s what they had to say:

Tonia SoBlessed Stanley:  ALTERNATIVE EXERCISE!!!
Jacqueline Strand:  I feel so good afterwards. Relaxing but a great workout 
Andrea Valdez:  Wish I could do it… they say its good for your back, but mine screams Hell NO! So I meditate and do Tai Chi – its a little easier 🙂
Pratibha Arora:  Yes ! Art of living 🙂
Jacqueline Strand:  You will love it!

People can tell you about something all day, but until you experience it for yourself you won’t truly understand. Here are some key things I learned during my experience: 

-Keep and open mind.
-Yoga isn’t just for women (I kinda knew that one already).
-Go at YOUR pace.
-Be in the moment.
-Your breathing is important.
-Make sure your toes are up to par before taking your shoes off (I’m joking, but I’m not joking)

I had a great workout, I broke a sweat (I was really trying), and I made some friends along the way. I’m in the process of training for 2 half marathons and a Full, so this will be exactly what I need to strengthen my core, work on my breathing, and help with my balance. I’m hooked.  Below are just a few of the precarious positions I found myself in (click to see the name).

Have you tried yoga? What are your thoughts?

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