No Shortcuts – Episode #089


You can get everywhere you need to go without taking shortcuts. I instantly think of an old man yelling “Stay off my lawn” to a group of youngsters cutting across his yard because it’s more convenient. Think about it for a minute. There are side walks, highways, and cross walks everywhere. In the mall there are escalators and elevators, but there are also stairs. The same applies to hotels. When there is a fire or an emergency those shortcuts that we often depended on are off limits.

In life we all have paths to follow full of twists and turns. Some of us are fortunate enough to reach success a little faster than others, but we can’t focus on their rate of success. We’ve all heard stories of shortcuts gone wrong. The perfect example would be Bernie Madoff (Ponzi Scheme). And I’m sure we can personally name a hustler, swindler, or charlatan that is currently serving his/her time (or soon will be). There are no shortcuts in life. Sure, there are easier ways to get things done, but that’s called playing smarter, not harder. I’m referring to patience and work ethic because these two things will get you through even when you’re not seeing the growth you feel you deserve.

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