Christmas Gifts – Episode #084


Did you know that Christmas comes in December? Yeah! Who knew?!?! It actually come on the same day EVERY single year! December 25! That’s amazing. I thought it was in January last year and in April in 2008. This is common knowledge. So why do we go into panic mode when November comes and we haven’t even considered purchasing a single Christmas present? I’m publishing this post now in hopes of preventing panic this December.

Here are some gifts and other things to consider that will alleviate some of your holiday stress…

1 Buy them an ebook.  Amazon announced that last year ebooks outsold hard covers by 50%.  More and more people are owning Kindles, Nooks, and iPads.

2 Go with gift cards. (itunes, Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.)

3 Gift certificates to local stores. Some small businesses haven’t grown to the point of having plastic. They’re still in the process of getting there. By buying credit or certificates with them you’re supporting local and getting something they’ll like.

4 Don’t go with clothes or jewelry unless you REALLY KNOW what they like. It will save you time from shopping and save them time of returning it.

5 Buy some Christmas gift stocking stuffers from your summer travels. Sauces and cooking spices make great gifts. Also, rare and exotic coffee and wine would be a pleasant surprise.

6 When in doubt, a card with cash makes anyone smile.

Don’t wait until the last minute!

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