Be Cool – Episode #083


Pause before you speak.
I absolutely HATE to be stressed out! Sometimes, I bring it upon myself and other times it’s everyone’s fault, but mine. Sometimes, it’s just the nature of the beast and it’s no one’s fault. Either way, I hate to be frustrated! I pride myself on staying coooooooool. When I’m about to lose it, I remember these things:

5 Ways to Be Cool

1.    Pause before I speak. Notice, I didn’t say “think before I speak”. Sometimes it’s really hard to think and be angry.  I just refrain from saying anything for a second or two. 

2.    Get away and collect myself. Some people might say that this is “running away from the problem”. I disagree. It’s helps prevent me from doing something I’ll regret. 

3.    Wash my face with cold water. The refreshing splash usually cools me off. 

4.    Talk myself down. I usually say something like, “CALM DOWN, Be Cool, and Think.” Positive self talk really works. 

5.    Phone a friend. Talking to close friends that are removed from the situation can prove to be insightful. Talking it out help when it’s someone you can trust. 

These are the things that keep me cool. What help you?

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