Small Changes – Episode #072


Use olive oil instead of butter.
There are some small changes that can make a huge impact on your health. Trying this things below should have a quick and positive effect on your body. There are so many different things you could do, but let’s start with these…

1. Whole Grain instead of Honey Wheat or white bread
Any kind of bread with “Honey” in the name is going to have more calories and sugar. With enriched white bread the most natural vitamins and minerals have been extracted.

2. Olive Oil instead of margarine or butter
For putting on bread or for cooking. I use olive oil in rice instead of butter. You can substitute this for almost any recipe.

3. Bake instead of fry
Try baking your chicken instead of frying it. You decrease the amount of fat. It can be as high as a 800 calorie difference in a fried drumstick and a baked. Since the calorie content is much lower you can eat a few extra bites. Baking actually help bring out the flavor.

4. Water instead of Soda
Do I really even need to talk about this one? Soda = Sugar, Calories, & Additives. To add a little flavor in your water throw in a Crystal Light packet and keep it moving.

Have something green with each meal:  Salad, Peas, String beans, Spinach, etc.  SN:  And I’m not talking about Lime Sherbet.

What are some other small changes that can be made that will lead to a healthier lifestyle?

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