Look Good – Episode #076

How you look isn’t all about the way you’re dressed.  It’s not even (necessarily) about your level of physical attractiveness.  Your body language contributes to how you look.  How you carry yourself and how you care for yourself affects the way you look.  You can look like Halle Berry, but if you are always frowning and carrying yourself in a “stank” manner, that will lower the look you may be going for.

Yesterday’s post was First Impression and I discussed how clothes help make the man (or woman), but today’s post is focusing on what your body is saying.  You can feel like hell and still look good.  Here are 4 simple ways to help your daily look (even if you’re NAKED)…

1.  Smile More
2.  Walk upright
3.  Hold your head up
4.  Watch how you’re holding your mouth (even if you are smiling, make sure it’s looking genuine).

SN:  Regardless of your clothes or body language, your inner look is going to eventually shine through.  Make sure you’re working on that as well.

FYI:  Stank (v) – The past tense of stink.  As in “You have a stank (stinky or bad) attitude today.”

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