Family Unit – Episode #080

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Ever notice how when a couple gets married (and they don’t have children) you see TONS of wedding photos and engagement pictures.  Once children come along the wedding and engagement photos disappear, the baby pictures go up, and you almost wonder is the person still married?  It’s almost like their spouse gets pushed to the back.  I’ve also noticed this to be true in facebook profiles.  I don’t have children, but it’s pretty safe to say that a family unit consists of ALL its members.  You’re a unit and actions speak louder than words.  Just be mindful of the messages you’re sending your children and spouse.  As a counselor, I constantly see favouritism in families in cases where there should be more equality and unity.

I loved the old family sitcoms where everyone was treated as equally as possible.  I know these were scripted shows, but many of the lessons learned can be applied to modern day living.  Conflict resolution, communication, morals, family values, and character does not only exist in TV dreamland.

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