True Thanksgiving – Episode #064

Every 4th November of the year we get together with loved ones and stuff our faces with Turkey, dressing, and a boat load of other delicious things.  We call it Thanksgiving.  When we hear the word Thanksgiving our mind instantly thinks of food and family.  The actual term thanksgiving means so much more.  Thanksgiving is defined as the act of giving thanks.  Again, Thanksgiving Day is only one day of many.  What about the other 364 days.  What do you do?  Deep fry a turkey?  Let’s explore some other options of giving thanks.

  1. Say grace before eating a meal.
  2. Giving unto others as you have been given to (if not better).
  3. Write a note of thanks to someone that you are thankful for.
  4. Surprise someone with a gift.
  5. Plant a tree in honor of someone special in your life.
  6. Simply say “Thank You”

I only listed  6 but you can help me fill in more 🙂  Thank you.  Have a great day.

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