Travel More – Episode #061

Travelling takes courage and bravery. It’s helps us become more open minded, self aware, and conscious. No matter how far you go or how long you stay, there’s always something to be gained from your adventure. Keep change in the car for unexpected tolls. Pack your cologne in the bag that you’re CHECKING on the airplane. You don’t have to carry as many books if you bring your Kindle, Nook, or iPad. Those are all examples of smaller details of travel. Much bigger lessons can be learned along the way. For example, pizza tastes much differently in Italy than in the United States, not everyone in Africa is running around with bones in their noses, and a friendly smile means the same no matter where you are.

Experience and exposure are the best teachers. I can tell you that New Orleans smells like “jazz” and it tastes like “Mmmmmmm”, but you don’t know what that smells or tastes like until you experienced it for yourself.

Travelling can be as simple as going to Grandma’s or as major as driving to Tijuana, but it’s all about the journey and what you bring back with you. And I’m not talking about shot glasses and postcards.

3 simples tips for travelling during this recession:

  1. Start Local – What’s close that you haven’t seen?
  2. Budget – You can always sight-see.
  3. Relax – Stressing over it defeats the purpose.

Make some travelling happen soon. Expose yourself to something new this weekend or this summer. In years to come you’ll thank yourself.

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