Mini Vacay – Episode #062

Don’t the word mini just make things feel right? Mini Snickers, mini bar, mini me, and the list goes one. All you need is a little bit to get you through. Just a small sample. You might not be in a position (or in the mood) for a FULL vacation. Maybe you need a mini vacay.

In my last post Travel More I talked about staying/starting local, budgeting, and relaxing while travelling. I stumbled upon the PERFECT article to assist us in this adventure. 51 mini family vacations <– click. Even if you don’t have a family, this article will provide you with some great ideas for travel. It lists a different place for each state one more for DC. Some examples include…

Take off a Friday (maybe even a Monday) and make it a 4 day weekend. That way you’re not rushed to get there and you can be rested when you return.

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