Just Because – Episode #065

What?! No, Thank You? No, You’re welcome? I better win Man of the Year for this! If they don’t recognize me in church next Sunday, I’m not coming back! I better get a Staff Accolade or I’m gonna tell the Principal a thing or two! If I don’t get a plaque I’m never donating again.

I understand. It can be VERY frustrating. But, whatever happened to giving “just because”? What is someone simply forgot your certificate and you go BALLISTIC before they get a chance to correct it? Now, I know that money pays the bills and you’ve got to build your resume, but some things just need to be done. It definitely helps to know that what you’re doing is appreciated. But, sometimes we need to check our egos at the door and check our hearts before we give. We must make sure we have the right motives. Life has it’s own special way of giving back to us exactly what we deserve. It’s called Karma.

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