Delivering Happiness – Episode #067

There are many ways to become happy.  One is by giving.  By delivering happiness to others you brighten up your own world.  In the book Delivering Happiness:  A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose, Tony Hsieh  discusses his road to success.  The pursuit of money isn’t enough.  There must be a higher purpose when delivering happiness (to others and yourself).

In the book Tony discusses 3 types of happiness (taken from Authentic Happiness).
1.  Pleasure:  Rock Star – Chasing the next high.
2.  Passion:  Flow and Engagement – Time flies
3.  Higher Purpose:  Being a part of something bigger than yourself.

From the book:
If you keep asking yourself “Why?” enough times, you’ll find yourself arriving at the same answer that most people do when they repeatedly ask themselves why they are doing what they are doing:  They believe that whatever they are pursuing in life will ultimately make them happier.  In the end, it all turns out that we’re all taking different paths in pursuit of the same goal:  happiness.

Grow a company —> why? —> Retire early —> why?  Spend time with family —>  why?  Happiness
Get a great job —>  why?  —>  Make money  —> why? —>  Buy a home  —> why?  —>  Happiness
Find a Girlfriend/BF —>  why?  —>  Find a soulmate  —>  why?  —>  Get married  —>  why?  —>  Happiness
Be healthy  —>  why?  —>  Run faster  —>  why?  —>  Run a marathon  —>  why?  —>  Happiness

We are all trying to deliver happiness.  Ultimately, we will continue to chase that next high until we realize that a higher purpose must be involved.

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