Me Time – Episode #051

When do you have time to listen to your own thoughts?  When do you recharge your battery?  Are you constantly surrounded by adults, kids, conversation, and all kinds of things you need to put on pause?   If so, you sound like you’re in desperate need of some “Me Time.”

Trust me; NO ONE likes to be controlled and monitored.  It’s a recipe for disaster.  Insecurity and smothering can kill any kind of relationship.  We need space!  That’s a fact!  I don’t care how much you love someone and enjoy their company; you need a little time to yourself.  There is nothing wrong with male or female (only) weekends.  Whether those trips are local or distant, they are needed.  Let your man or woman go.  Let your friends go without feeling excluded.  Maybe they have something they need to discuss without you present?!  Maybe they’re talking about you?!?!  Oh well…  Give yourself (and others) space.

You have worked hard and deserve some quality time with me, myself, and I.  You shouldn’t have to ask.  Everyone needs some downtime.  We all need time to clear our thoughts and be alone.  No need to explain…  Get Away, Do You, and enjoy some personal time alone.

Here are things I do…

  1. -Go to a coffee shop and read.
  2. -Go to the public library.
  3. -Go for a walk or run.
  4. -Close my door and work for 2 minutes.
  5. -Travel with friends.
  6. -Go for a drive around the block.
  7. -Go to the bathroom (trust me; no one will bother you there).
  8. -When possible, I sleep in.  When I awake, I force myself to not move for 10 minutes.  I just look at the ceiling.  Try it.
  9. -Play a round of golf.

Make today amazing!

Heather Headley – Me Time

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