Go Camping – Episode #052

Correction –  In the video I said Ralph Waldo Emerson, when I really meant Henry David Thoreau.  Call me out if you want to, it’s been a looooong day!
“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.”  -Henry David Thoreau

Why is it that in every scary movie, the black guy is always the first one to get killed?  That’s one of the many reasons I hated camping!  The movies didn’t make camping seem like a positive thing for brothas.  But I’m here to tell you, “Don’t knock it, ‘til you rock it.”  It’s actually the perfect get away when you’re stressed or in need of some separation from civilization.  2 Words:  Simple Living (I may have to reuse that one).  Half the time Wi-Fi doesn’t work so your only means of communication is smoke signals and an ancient flare gun, but it’s cool.

Camping can be many things.  It’s secluded, it’s peaceful, it’s romantic, and it can be inexpensive.  The goal is to get away and enjoy nature.  It’s also an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family or significant other (MAJOR brownie points).  You could also spend the time alone or with friends.  If you’re not trying to be found, it’s the perfect location.  Henry David Thoreau spent two years in a cabin he built near the forest owned by (his friend) Ralph Waldo Emerson.  His goal was to gain a more objective understanding of society.  There he published his first book, Walden; or Life in the Woods published in 1854.  Walden emphasizes solitude and self-awareness.  FYI-Thoreau was not actually in the wilderness.  He was at the edge of the town near his family.

Try renting a cabin for the weekend.  You can even brave your own glorious backyard.  Pitch a tent in the grass near your home and gain a little exposure first.  The backyard can feel like you’re miles away.  If you’re introducing this to your family for the first time and the backyard is STILL a little too much to ask, pitch a tent in the bedroom or the living room with sheets, pillows, and sleeping bags.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “I thought this post was about GOING camping,” then you’re lacking in the department of imagination.

If you’ve got children you can always involve them in organizations that take camping trips such as 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Youth groups, etc.  I was in the Cubs Scouts and I’m the ONLY honorary male Girl Scout!  My mom was a troop leader, my sister was a scout, and I sold Girl Scout cookies until I was blue in the face.


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