Be Romantic – Episode #037

20 Ways to be Romantic.  Not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year long.

1.  Love letter/Love notes.
2.  Flowers (I recommend Tulips).
3.  Listen to what she wants.  You may even want to ask her.
4.  Love Coupons (Good for 1 massage, Good for a million kisses, good for 12 BIG HUGS, 3 Wishes, etc.).
5.  Photo Gift Hunt.  (Hide a gift in the house and leave a trail of photos that lead to the gift).
6.  Sweet Text Messages.  (Can’t wait ’til later, you look amazing today, what are you wearing?, 143 =I Love You, etc.).
7.  Create a Shutterfly Photo Album filled with photos of you both. (
8.  Bring her lunch at work.
9.  Can’t cook?  Surprise her with dinner reservations.
10.  Take her somewhere fun. (Go Karts, Batting Cage, Swimming, Skiing, etc.)
11.  Blindfold her in the car on the way to a secret destination.
12.  Feed her grapes.  If you want EXTRA points freeze them or peel them.
13.  Hug her just a little bit longer next time…
14.  Celebrate Valentine’s Day for the entire week or weekend.
15.  Send her MOM flowers!  I know… a little over the top, but WELL WORTH the benefits.
16.  Give her a fruit bouquet (something healthy).
17.  Give a card and write one word inside that desribes your relationship. (i.e. “Everything” – You’re everything I’ve ever wanted.)
18.  Make a CD of her favorite songs and make it Vol. I of many.
19.  Out of the blue, email her the story of how you met (from your perspective).  Trust me, she’ll love it.
20.  Buy her a star and name it after her from the International Star Registry.

Enjoy.  Email me for more.

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