Capture Life – Episode #031

A picture is worth a thousand words and $10,000 if it’s the right politician and his intern.

“What was I thinking?”
“What was I wearing?”
“OMG, I remember this like it was yesterday.”
“Those were the days.”
“That was a great trip.”
“Wait until you see the pictures from last night!”

These have all been statements used to describe photographs that document our lives.  If we lacked the foresight it took to capture these photos, those memories would be only in our mind.

When your children receive awards and your parents have birthdays, you would be wise to capture those moments.   When travelling to Montana or celebrating the 4th of July, those photos will help you relive those moments.  Document your life though photo journaling.  Digital cameras make it easy to get the perfect shot!  There are plenty of social media tools that can assist you in capturing and sharing those special events of life.  If you like editing and creating art with your camera one particular website that comes to mind is iPhoneArt.  It’s similar to flickr, and not limited to those who only have iphones.  What makesiPhoneArt so great is the fact that I personally know the geniuses behind it!

You’ll be amazed at how fast time can fly and you will want to look back and enjoy the highlights.  Taking pictures of even the silliest, most meaningless, moments have the potential of creating a great slide show at your retirement party.  Technology makes it simple.  If space is limited on your computer, purchase an external hard drive and transfer them.  They are relatively inexpensive (less than $100).  Sarah and I take a ton of pictures on a daily basis.  Around our anniversary we create a photo album (from shutterfly) to commemorate our year.  Sarah gets the credit for this brilliant idea.  You can visit my Photos page for snapshots of my life and/or see below for examples of our shutterfly anniversary photo journal.

My featured friends for today’s post are Sara Davis and Chris Robertson.  They are gifted photographers that use their talents to be a blessing to others.  You can see how passionate they are about their work by looking at their beautiful photography.  Sara and I work together for the Wake County Public School System and Chris (and wife Rhonda) attended high school with me in Martinsville, VA.  They are both prime examples of how you can change the world by modeling your life for others to see and follow.  Click on their websites below or visit My Network page for more information.

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