Shoe Game – Episode #012

“A woman is only as confident as the shoes she’s wearing.”  -Eric D. Jones

Shoe game is the quality of your shoe collection.  Your shoe collection falls somewhere between the levels of excellent and poor based on cleanliness, variety, range, and style.

About 2 years ago, a close friend’s wife was diagnosed with cancer.  She was victorious in her fight against this monster of a disease although it took its toll on her self-confidence.  She was grateful to be alive, but she was returning to a job that needed revitalization and she was stressed.  Before officially returning to work, her husband wanted to give her a present that would lift her spirits.  Flowers, perhaps? Good for funerals, Valentine’s Day, and for picking up your significant other at the airport, but not exactly what he had in mind.  He wanted to give her something synonyms with confidence and grace.  He chose a $150 gift card to DSW.  If you know DSW like I do, $150 can go a long way.  This goes back to the quote I referenced above by Eric Jones.  This philosophy is not limited to women, but men can feel equally as confident when high steeping in fresh pair of foot gear.

You can tell a lot about a man, by the shoes he’s wearing.  The same is true of women.  When looking at my fiancée’s shoe rack, I noticed just how diverse her shoe game and personality are.  The video clearly displays her athletic side, her rugged side, and her sexy side.  Her shoe game and personality helped me become even more attracted to her.  A mean shoe game is prepared for whatever life may throw your way…

Friend One:  Want to go to the gym real quick?

Friend Two:  Let me get my shoes.
Girlfriend:  Let’s go hike on Saturday.

Boyfriend:  Let me grab my hiking shoes out of the closet, before I forget.
A True Gentleman:  Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to my black tie affair next Thursday?

Well Prepared Woman:  I’d love to. I’ve got the perfect pair of heels that I’ve been waiting to wear.

What’s your shoe game looking like?  Let me know your score.  Leave a comment if you’re brave or you can always inbox/email me here or @  See you soon.

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