Enjoy Sunset – Episode #016

“If the boy and girl walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand in the last scene, it adds 10 million to the box office.”  –George Lucas

A smile means the same in every country.  On a clear night we all can see the constellations and the man in the moon looking down at us.  And no matter your area code or zip code our only sun brings warmth and sunshine to our lives.  Some things are universal:  laughter, futbol, coke-a-cola, a kiss, and the beauty of sunset.

Life is filled with tons of universal signs of beauty.  If we’re caught up in the day to day bullshit, that doesn’t matter, we will miss out on all the things that do.  Don’t get caught up in the bull.  Remember how short and sweet life can be.  Make sure you taste, smell, and enjoy the sweet.  Sunset is a great illustration of one of life’s sweet moments.  It’s that moment between day and night that signifies change. Night falls, but the glory of the morning is coming once again (if we’re lucky).  Enjoy something that man could never create.  God paints this masterpiece for you every evening.  Give it a proper salute from time to time, by observing it.

“There is nothing more musical than a sunset.  He who feels what he sees will find no more beautiful example of development in all that book which, alas, musicians read but too little – the book of Nature.”  –Claude Debussy

I’ll see you soon.


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