Constantly Evolve – Episode #013

Evolve:  To develop by gradual changes; unfold.In business, if you’re not constantly developing new ideas to stay ahead of the curve, you’re going to get left behind.  In life if you’re not constantly becoming better, the competition is passing you by.  The world is constantly evolving.  The continents are slowly moving, new words are being added to our vocabulary, technology is moving faster by the day, and every generation is becoming more and more diverse.  Where do you fit in this puzzle?

When growing up, Blockerbuster was the $h*%!  The photo below is the actual Blockbuster from my city.  It was the best thing since sliced bread.  Blockbuster was great because; they always had plenty of new releases.  Smaller movie rental places were more likely to run out of the new releases.  Blockbuster was to the movie rental industry, what Target is to superstores.  It wasn’t just your average store, it was COOL store.  Blockbuster made the movie rental experience memorable.  Since those days it has evolved.  It is now Redbox.  It’s now Netflix.  It is now as simple as going to pay for gas, and grabbing a movie on your way back to the car.  Even better, it’s as simple as clicking a couple of buttons on your computer and a new release shows up on your door step with a prepaid envelope to mail it back.  That same Blockbuster is now closed and it’s been replaced by the Redbox (see photo below) across the street at the new Walgreens.  The game has changed.  If you’re too set in your ways to think differently, you’ll wake up in a different era and the world will have passed you by.  Someone is coming for your spot.  That someone is smarter, younger, and hungrier than you.  Not to mention they’ll work for less, they’ll work longer hours, and they won’t complain about it.  Do not become complacent. Become better.  Think outside of your box.  The world is changing with or without you.

This post is relative to life.  I’m not just talking about Blockbuster and some automated movie rental system.  This is merely an example of how the world is ever changing.  If you have ambitions to move up on your own personal ladder, you must get with the times.  Food for thought…

Below you’ll see images of the evolution of movie rental.

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