Squash It – Episode #008

Brace yourself for another “let it go” post.  Today, I’m bringing you an exercise that will help you throw away harmful things in your life.  Every day you hear people say things like, “Kick them to the curb.  Get rid of that trash.  Leave it in the past.  Cast it away and don’t look back.”  Consider doing these things in their most literal form…1.        Gather something to write with and a piece of paper.

2.       Write down whatever is troubling you.

3.       Decide how you’re going to dispose of this TRASH. (i.e. Rip it to shreds, cut it out, knock it out the box, chew it up and spit it out, maybe even piss on it!)

4.       Execute your plan of disposal.

5.       Leave it in the past.

It may sound like some corny voodoo trick, but it can be quite therapeutic. Sometimes you can’t truly say what you want to that person frustrating you. Rather than transferring those negative feeling  on someone who doesn’t deserve it, take it out on something that you can abuse (a piece of paper).  I’ve flushed many of my problems down the toilet (literally).  Go ahead and give it a try.  It beats punching your boss in the head and losing your job.  You may even get a good laugh out of it.

As we speak, I’m about to tear up some folks who lack vision!  It pains me to think that in 2010 we still have people stuck in 1996!  “If you ain’t runnin’ wit it, run from it.” –Lil’ Wayne.  That’s a WHOLE different post…

Give this exercise a try and let me know what you think.  Thanks for tuning in. Have an amazing day.


2 Words: Squash It.

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