Slow Down – Episode #007

Part One

First, I must apologize for my post being so late!  It has truly been a MANIC MONDAY!  I’m a work in progress.  We are ALL works in progress.  This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say, “Let’s become better together.”  Everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.  I was in DC all weekend (business, not pleasure) and I spent all of Sunday driving from DC to NC, while stopping in VA to have dinner with my dad.  Needless to say, my body was telling me to rest.  I’ve been crushing this website since JUNE and I’ve never missed a day of posting.  Even though today’s post is going up late, it’s still Thursday 🙂  I knew I would have time to get this done today, but just not when I wanted to.  I LOVE THIS WEBSITE, but until I make it big, I gotta pay the bills.  Duty was calling at my full-time job.  However, I am happy to report that my schedule will be slowing down.  My football season is over (I was head coach) which will free up my afternoons.  Thank God!  I can have my life back.  So you can expect BbetterTV (as well as my other projects) to reach the next level.

Part Two

Know when to say when.   There’s a time and place for everything.  It’s great to push yourself to new heights, but unless you can do it all from your hospital bed or from your grave you need to slow down.  Make sure you’re taking care of yourself.  It comes down to prioritizing.  Your health should be top priority.  You want to be in a position to enjoy these fruits of your labor.  It’s similar to caring for your car.  When the check engine light comes on you’ve got to loosen your gas cap or get your car looked at.  Either way it needs attention.  My “check engine” light is a scratchy throat and slightly swollen/red eyes.  When my eyes are burning from a lack of sleep and when I’m feeling too weak to carry on, I know I’m doing way too much. It’s time for me to pump the brakes.  You’re got to know yourself.

Understand what your body needs by educating yourself.  Keep a journal of how you’re feeling.  Make a mental note of your wear and tear warning signs, that way you’ll know what your body needs before it’s too late.  Sleep, Vitamin C, Stretching, massages, etc.  “America runs on dunkin,” but man cannot live on coffee and doughnuts alone.  Keep your pantry stocked with the things you need and make sure you’re scheduling that oh so important downtime into your schedule.  If you can’t make time in your schedule for some downtime then you’re doing too much.  You must learn to say no so you’re not spreading yourself thin (I’m still struggling with this).  If it’s not helping, it’s hindering.  2 Words:  Slow Down.


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