Say Something – Episode #009

 “The wiseman speaks because he has something to say; The fool speaks because he has to say something.”   – Plato

Think before you speak.  Once you’ve said it, you can’t take it back.  Make sure you’re saying something worth being heard.  I know people that love to hear themselves talk, but I wonder if THEY are even listening to the contradictory/foolish statements that they’re making.  

What are you really saying?  You say you like her, but you never return her calls or text.  You say you want to be rich, but your entire pay check goes into your Cadillac Escalade payment each month.  You say you want to lose weight, but every time I see you you’ve got a Big Mac and a SUPER sized bucket of fries in your hand.  You say you want a man, but you’ve rejected EVERY guy that’s asked you out for the last 6 months.  What are you REALLY saying?

Actions speak louder than words.  What you are doing speaks more volume than what you are verbally saying.  If you’re leading by example you really don’t have to say a word, because your walking is doing all the talking.  Say something substantial with your actions.

It’s just a little food for thought.  Have an amazing day.  See you soon.

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