Give Thanks – Episode #010

It’s truly better to give than to receive.  Give thanks, if nothing else.  We have all fallen short of the glory of God and do not deserve the blessing we have received. What separates us from the homeless?  Common sense or our good decisions in life?  Yeah right!  Its grace and mercy.  There is goodness all around; we just have to be in state of mind to recognize it.  Surely, there are problems we could focus on, but let’s use the holidays (Thanksgiving in particular) to appreciate the good.  We all have something to be thankful for.  If NOTHING else you have the ability to read this post with your own two eyes.  There are some people that do not have that luxury. We rise each morning worrying about how stressful our jobs are and how each day seems sooooo long and drab.  How long would each workday be if we didn’t have our hands and feet?  How much longer would each day be if we couldn’t talk?  As educators we moan about the behavior of our students (rightfully so), but let’s wear their shoes for a little while.  Let’s think about their situation when we’re with our families enjoying our traditional Thanksgiving dinner and they are looking forward to the cafeteria food on Monday.  Food for thought.  We need to count our blessing. Be grateful.  Be appreciative.  Be respectful.  2 Words:  Give Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving 2010


Application Challenge: Give Thanks

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