Dig Deep – Episode #011

There sure are a lot of homes being built for our country to be in a recession. Someone has the money to build them and someone has the money to buy them. Money is being exchanged daily.  Just because it’s not being handed to you doesn’t mean it’s not out there.  If you’re complaining that you’re not moving forward financially or professionally, you’ve got to dig deeper.  You are either at a pivotal point where you’re on the verge of a breakthrough or you need a new blue print. You need to dig deep and find the strength to press on or get creative in your approach.  Build a lemonade stand for Christ’s sakes.  Work at gas station if you have too.  Don’t let pride keep you from fulfilling your dreams.  There is a finish line (you just can’t see it right now).

In the movie National Treasure, Nicholas Cage didn’t just read the map and “X” marked the spot?  NO!  They had to go through hell and back to find the treasure. He faced all types of adversity on his way to the prize.  And he didn’t do it alone. It’s like that in every treasure hunting movie (i.e. Goonies and Tomb Raider). There’s always a journey and there will always be obstacles.  Don’t just skim the surface, dig deep!  You may be using a shovel or you may only have a spoon, but you’ve got to use what you have to the best of your ability.

In my previous post Don’t Quit, I mention the story of the miner who almost gave way to impatience.  
In book the Alchemist persistence and perseverance are key.  The book goes on to say, “The miner was about to give it all up, right at the point when, if he were to examine just one more stone – just one more – he would find his emerald.”  See 2 Words:  Don’t Quit for more.


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