Crush It – Episode #005

Leave nothing to chance.

In the 80’s computers weighed like 15 pounds and the monitors were green.  Now they’re half an inch thick and in High Definition.  On the news last week, I saw a car FLY!  The I-Tec Maverick is taking us to the Jetson era.  Impossible is nothing!  This summer I read the book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk and a nuclear bomb exploded inside of my brain!  Gary’s book explains why, now is the time to cash in on your passion.  We are living in a world that where anything is possible!  Somewhere in the world there are large amounts of people that are ready to follow, discuss, and help you with your dream.  Content and consistency is king.  Those people could be in Australia or Indonesia.  They could be in Alaska or North Carolina.  They could be in your neighborhood or across town.  Social media brings those people to the palm of your hand, literally via your cell phone.  

They:  “I could make a better tasting burger than McDonalds!”

Phil:  Well do it!

They:  “Anyone can write a book these days.  Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is coming out with their own book.”

Phil:  So why don’t you write one about how every Tom, Dick, and Harry is coming out with a book!

They:  “Rappers are getting paid to shout a bunch of nonsense over tracks!”

Phil:  Why don’t you make/buy some music and say something over the beat that isn’t nonsense?

They:  I don’t have the time to make a video, write a book, or create a website.

Phil:  There are 24 hours in a day; you do with them what you want to.

Okay, I get it…  You work 9-5pm.  You cook from 5-6pm.  You help your child with homework from 6-7pm.  You clean the kitchen/house from 7-8pm.  You tuck the kids in from 8-9pm.  You play Farmville from 9-10pm (gotta feed those crops).  There are still 11 hours left in the day!  Once or twice a week take one hour out of those extra 11 hours that you use to workout (or sleep, drink coffee, watch TV) and write a business plan, shoot a video, or take some photographs.  Create the next burger that’s going to pound McDonalds into the ground.  Stop waiting for others to be the change you want to see!  Stop complaining and take control of your life.  Why don’t you be the next best thing out of Boise, ID?  Why don’t you become the hometown hero from Wheeling, WV?  Why shouldn’t you be the 1st Social Media guru from Martinsville, VA to make it big?  Social networking has changed the world and your can shoot your message around the globe in a matter of seconds.  Someone is waiting to jump on your bandwagon. 

Gary began shooting videos for Wine Lirbary TV (WLTV) in 2006.  He began posting 4-5 videos a week (on top of working his full-time job with his family business). Through social media his family business has soared!  He’s been featured in GQ and Time Magazine, and appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Today Show.  He signed a 10-book deal with Harper Studio for $1,000,000.  His second book, The Thank You Economy will be released in March of 2011.  He turned his passion for wine into a multi-million dollar enterprise.  Crush It is my suggested reading for the week.  I read the book in 48 hours!  This book introduced me to theFacebook fan pageTwitter, and Tumblr.  Before reading this book I had NO clue how to use any of the above mentioned media tools.  With a little practice, I’ve connected with over 1,300 people on both Facebook and Twitter.  See more aboutWLTV and Gary Vaynerchuk below.

Have an amazing day!  See you on Thursday.    

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