Sell Something

The purpose of my videos and photos is to prove that I’m not only talking about it, I’m living it.  I’m practicing what I’m preaching.  By no means am I perfect, but I am making a conscious effort to improve myself.  Out with the old and in with the new.  Letting go of ANYTHING can be a therapeutic process.There are so many ways to free up space in your home.  You could just give your things away, but that’s my Plan C.  “What is my Plan A or Plan B,” you ask?  Plan A would be to simply try to sell your useless objects.  If you are out trying to sell your objects and they are not selling, then lower the price (Plan B).  If it’s still not selling it’s time for Plan C.  You can try to sell items on Ebay or on Craig’s List, but my personal favorite is the flea market, known here in Raleigh/Durham, NC as the State Fairgrounds.  But a word to the wise, just be ready to bargain!  The flea market is my personal favorite because it’s a one day event and I’m usually done by noon.  Do you remember my motto, “Get in and get out?”  With Ebay you must register, then there are fees (insertion and final value fees), and you have to decide how you want to ship it.  But one of the perks of Ebay is its global market.  There’s a great chance that you will sell your items for more money than expected.  With Craig’s list, you are working with local buyers and you may not have to deal with shipping costs if the person can come and get it or meet you in a public location.  Be very careful when dealing with people and money on Craig’s List.  Be careful of scams.  Once I received a bogus $1,350 check from someone requesting my Study Skills/Organizational Tutoring services.  Yes, my services are worth that much!  😉 LOL.  One of the reasons I’m such a fan of the flea market is because it is cash on delivery.  I’m usually in an “EVERYTHING MUST GO” mood, so my prices are the lowest around town.  It is just as effective to sell 30 items for $1 each as to sell 1 item for $30.  Plus, you can create a buzz around your booth that will bring in more buyers with the cheaper items.  Everyone loves a sale!  My main objective at the flea market isn’t to get rich; it’s to get rid of clutter and to leave with more money than I came with.  Even if I only make $20, that’s more than what I had.  “Don’t knock it, ‘til you rock it.”

Eliminate clutter.  Free space.  Make money.  Have fun.  Do it.  2 Words:  Sell Something.

Hasta pronto 🙂

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