Grow Something – Episode #002

“Earth laughs in flowers.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Plant a seed that will grow and blossom into something beautiful.  It’s astonishing to think that with a little hard work and care you can help produce something that looks, smells, and tastes amazing.  We all have a green thumb in some regard.  We each possess the gift to cultivate different things.  Some of us are great with plants and gardens.  Some of us can make businesses thrive.  Some help youth become all they can be.  Growth comes in different forms, but the growth I’m focusing on today is that of plants and trees.While attending Hampton University, my beloved Biology professor Dr. McQueen suggested we should all keep plants in our dorm rooms.  It helps purify the air.  Did you know that it only takes about 2 good sized indoor plants to purify a average sized room?  Keep a plant in your office space or somewhere in your home.  The more, the better.  If you have the space outdoors a vegetable garden would also be very beneficial.  Let’s face it, food isn’t getting any cheaper and you know what’s in it if you’ve grown it.

One of my most favorite memories with my mother is when we use to work together in our family garden.  We had a small garden with rose bushes in the front yard.  At the time I wasn’t too fond of being out there, but I’m glad she made me help.  I appreciate the memories that were made and the time we spent together.  We were planting seeds (side by side) and watching the fruits of our labor blossom into beautiful roses.  

On a larger scale, you may even want to think about planting something that future generations will enjoy such as an apple tree or a pear tree.  Sometimes in life you will not have the pleasure of reaping the fruits of your labor.  Don’t let that prevent you from planting your seeds.  Help the environment.  Save a little money and a trip to the store.  Purify your personal living space.  Grow Something.

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