Achieve More

At whatever level you’re currently performing you could be doing more.  You’re on a lower level compared to your true potential.  It’s only the tip of the iceberg. In theory, it’s just like an iceberg where 90% of its mass is below the surface. Only 10% is visible.  Take your life to the next level.  Unleash the lower 90% that you’re hiding.  Put in the extra hours to become great at what you do. Focus your attention on something you’re good at.  Focus on something you love.  You’ll be amazed at what you can do when your passion is involved. MAKE the time for your dreams, because before you realize it 30 years will pass and you’ll wonder where the time went.  I know, because I’ve let the last 30 year go by without reaching my FULL potential.  I’ve done alright for myself, but I’m nowhere near where I need to be.  We are all works in progress.  Recently, I saw the movie The Social Network.  The movie flashed back to 2003 when Mark Zuckerberg first began working on Facebook, while studying at Harvard.  Instant, I thought “What was I doing in 2003?”  While this guy was in the process of creating something that would make him the youngest billionaire on the planet, I was somewhere half-assing.  Actually, I was in Graduate school, but don’t worry, there was plenty of half-assing still going on.  Don’t half-ass your life away.  Dig deeper.  Work harder.  Give more.  Reach for the distant star.  You are capable of doing and achieving more.  Become Better.  Don’t let excuses rule what’s left of your life.  2 Words:  Achieve More.

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