Thank You

As a football coach I try to create an environment of character and respect.  I promote a community were respect is a two-way street.  At the end of each practice we have players that come up to us, shake our hand, and say, “Thank you.”  Our response is, “No, Thank you.”  They thank us for the time and effort we put into working with them and we thank them for the commitment and effort they put into the sport.  The words “Thank You” can make you feel as though your work wasn’t completely in vain.  A single thank you can echo a life time.  That single thank you can be the catalyst for a life time of achievement.  

I was having one HE11 of a Wednesday, but a thoughtful email lifted my spirits. This email reminded me that I’m moving in the right direction with my life.  Some of us thrive on words of affirmation.  That’s not to say we’re vain or arrogant, we are all simply motivated in different ways.  It’s very similar to teaching children.  Some children work for the grades alone.  Honor roll motivates them.  If they receive an “A” they’re satisfied.  Some only perform for candy or a prize.  Some students only perform when you praise them and pat them on the back.  They thrive off of attention.  Doesn’t a “Thank You” put a smile on your face?  Of course it does : ). Return those kind words, when given the opportunity.

Drake (The Rapper) has a song entitled “Thank Me Now.”  The message of the the song is “Later doesn’t always come,” so you need to thank them while you can. Don’t wait until it’s too late to give them their flowers.  Honor the living with words of affirmation and thanks.  Tell them that you appreciate them.  Tell them, “Thank You.”  When’s the last time you said those words to someone?  When’s the last time someone said those words to you?  If it’s been awhile, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for following my website and blog.  My father once told me, “Your manners will get you further in life than anything else.”  I’m a firm believer of that philosophy.  It’s not what you know, but who you know (and how you treat them).

Thank You Dr. Blevins.  NCI is now in my network : )

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