Press Reset

I had a Palm Pilot a few years ago that kept my important information.  Phone numbers, addresses, photos, email account passwords, you get the picture. Anything that I considered important was stored on the memory of my Palm.  It was so full of info that sometimes it would lock up.  I would save the info in two places, on my Palm and on my laptop.  Now in most cases when my Palm would jam, I had to press reset to get it going again.  This button was a tiny little switch located on the back of the device.  I had to use something miniature to reach it, such as a lead pencil or a paperclip (I couldn’t just use my finger).  In most cases the reset button is hard to reach because it is only to be used in the case of an emergency.  It’s difficult to reach, because they want you to be positive that you need to press it.

My Palm reset button is parallel with life.  When things lock up, you may have to shut it down and start it up again.  Attached is a document that will allow you to physically press reset in your life when you feel the need.  You can print it and post it where it will serve most valuable.  You can hang it in your bedroom and press reset before you lay down at night.  You may need to put it at your front door so you can press it as you leave in the morning, in hopes that things will be different when you return.  Mine is posted at my work office and I press the button each day before heading home.  By doing that I’m closing the chapter on another day at work (whether it’s been good or bad).  Sometimes I even have my students press it after a venting session.

Our bodies have an automated shutdown and recharge system.  It’s called sleep. We fight it, but our bodies know when it’s time to power off and recharge.  We must be able to recognize the times in our lives that we need to take a step back and try it again.  Don’t be afraid to start it over and give it another try.  Every now and then we need a second time around to get it right.

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